Head Lice Removal

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Our specialist provides everything needed for your service. We get the bugs off your head so that you can get them out of your head. You relax and unwind while we do the hard work.

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Got Lice! Now what?

You’ve discovered head lice, don’t panic. We are here to help you every step of the way. You need information and you need it fast! Let NittyBugs walk you through everything you need to know about head lice, nits (lice eggs) and treatment solutions - so you can get back to your normal life. Our service is centered around education and convenience, from the moment you first speak to us on the phone, your head lice education has begun.

Call for a free phone consultation to review the lice removal process and treatment options that are available for your situation. Nittybugs provides a variety of services including a DIY option, On-Site Lice Screenings, as well as Full Head Lice Removal Treatment. We are a mobile lice treatment salon, our specialist will arrive promptly and quietly in unmarked vehicles, allowing for convenience and discretion.

Still not sure if you have lice? We can help with that too! Check-out our Education section here for more about identification. ‘Been there, done that’, give us a call we also provide a comprehensive comb through head check service to ease your mind.

How it works:

NittyBugs discrete in-home head lice removal treatment service uses an all-natural process to remove head lice from the scalp and hair without the use of pesticides. It is our goal to provide you with successful results while preventing your exposure to harmful products. We safely and naturally remove the head lice and nits with a proven old-school method – manual removal.

Our specialists are kind, caring, compassionate and gentle. They will administer a blend of natural oils to the scalp followed by a thorough combing process, removing all live bugs and any nits that have matured to size. Next, they will carefully remove all remaining nits from the hair with our hand-picking process, leaving you 100% clear of lice and no longer contagious.

During your session, our specialist will inform and educate you on the methods and modes of transfer that head lice prefer, discus your infestation and provide tips on lice prevention. We are vigilant in our efforts to help you prevent re-infestation, and take precaution against it through the sharing of knowledge. As a part of our lice treatment protocol, we will schedule a one-hour follow-up visit with you to ensure everyone treated has stayed clear of lice.

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Our Services

DIY Head Lice Phone Consultation, $30
A 30-45 minute phone consultation with NittyBugs will get you on your way with confidence to treating your family for head lice.
In-Home Individual Head Check, $50*
Comprehensive comb through head check. If evidence of head lice is found, and you wish to be treated by NittyBugs then the head check charge will automatically be applied toward the removal treatment charge.
In-Home Household Head Screening, $100**
Comprehensive comb through head checks for Up To 4 Heads at a single location. If evidence of head lice is found, and you wish to be treated by NittyBugs then only the cost of treatment will apply.
In-Home Louse Removal Treatment, $100 (one hour)
An “average” treatment is 60-90 minutes per person. The length and thickness of hair, as well as the severity of the infestation, will determine actual treatment time. Additional time is billed at $20 per 15-minutes, after the first hour of service (minimum charge).
In-Home Follow-Up, $40
As a part of our protocol, your lice specialist will schedule a one-hour follow-up visit with you to ensure everyone in the family has stayed clear of lice.
We strongly encourage complete family head checks before you spend time and money treating the entire family.
*additional head checks $25 per head.
**additional head checks $15 per head.
All pricing is for clients within our service area.
A small mileage fee may apply if you are out of our service area. Out of our service area charges: up to 30 miles additional $25 per visit; up to 60 miles additional $50 per visit; beyond 60 miles, please call for rates.
Are you a Senior? Teacher? In the Military? Ask us about our discount programs!
On government assistance? We offer discounted service upon proof of government assistance.
Ohio Cities and Towns we serve:
Hilliard, Dublin, Powell, Gahanna, New Albany, London, Grove City, Columbus, Galloway, Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights, Clintonville, Westerville, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Bexley.
If you do not see your city or town listed, call us at 614-349-1050 or email us. We are here to help!