We offer a guaranteed LICE FREE treatment service in the privacy of your own home. Our specialists are kind, caring, compassionate and gentle. They will carefully remove all lice and nits using our specialized hand-picking process, leaving you 100% clear of bugs and no longer contagious.

We are effective and efficient. 

We use safe, all natural and allergen-free products.

We come to you and are discreet and trustworthy.

We only use professional Lice Specialists and Nitpickers.

We offer education and wellness components.

We treat ALL hair types.

We specialize in youth and senior lice removal treatments.

We will accommodate special needs.

We will never take advantage of your situation.

No one ever plans for head lice, it is inconvenient at the least, and devastating in worst case scenarios. We understand, NittyBugs Mobile Lice Salon is here to help you every step of the way. Our goal's are the same, to get you back to your normal life.

Meet Our Lead Lice Specialist and Nitpicker

I live in Hilliard, Ohio, with my husband and three daughters. All with long hair. All of which have had head lice a few times. I have several years of experience as a professional nitpicker - helping people rid themselves of lice. I am a firm believer that problems can be solved without the use of chemicals or toxins and in all things, I try to find solutions to problems, using the most benign product or tool for the job. Our mobile head lice removal service provides our clients an honest and informative helping hand with the struggles they face with their lice infestations. I am proud to lead our team of caring head lice professionals who are all extensively trained and experienced in detecting and completely removing head lice.

A. Bottum,
NittyBugs Mobile Lice Salon

Discreet! Non-Toxic! Pesticide Free!

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